We are very proud of our Riverstone Champions - It is not easy in the goat world to gain the title of Australian Champion. There are some beautiful examples of the breed showing and 100 show points are required plus a Best Of Breed win. 50 of the points must be after the animal has turned three and is height verified.  20 points can be included from progeny wins. 

Name: Australian Champion Riverstone Queen of Hearts - KEWPIE
* Tested clear for CAE & JD (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)

Born: 28.6.13
SIRE: Patona Park Firstnforemost (PURE BRED)
DAM: Bouncing Hooves Caramel Kiss (A GRADE)
Height: 52.5cm
Colour: Choc and white frosted pinto with open face
Eye Colour: Brown
TWIN: Riverstone Queen of Diamonds

We are so proud of this girl named after my grandmother she has achieved so much for us at Riverstone including being our first home bred Australian Champion. Kewpie is constantly in the winners circle with multiple Best in Show wins and Best Udder in Show. She has produced and reared stunning kids and has the udder to do it. Her offspring have been awarded Ch classes and Best of Breeds so they are doing her proud. She is 1/2 way towards her Grand Champion Title........


  • 2016 February Berwick Show - CH Junior Doe and BEST IN SHOW
  • 2016 March Red Hill Show - CH Junior Doe, Best Udder in Show, Best Head in Show and BEST IN SHOW
  • 2016 October Royal Geelong Show - CH Adult Doe, Best Udder in Show, 2nd in Best Head in Show (1st her son Shaggy) and BEST IN SHOW
  • 2016 October Stawell Show - Best Presented & Best Udder in Show
  • 2016 November Royal Albury Show - Best Presented, CH Adult Doe, Best Udder in Show, 2nd in Best Head in Show and BEST IN SHOW
  • 2017 Geelong Royal Show - CH Class & CH of Breed
  • 2017 Stawell Show - CH Class and CH of Breed
  • 2017 Albury Show - CH Class and CH of Breed
  • 2017 Noorat Show - CH Class and CH of Breed
  • 2017 Christmas Show - CH Class and CH of Breed
  • 2018 Berwick Show - CH Veteran Doe

Name: Australian Champion Riverstone Boogie Nights (25% PYG)
* Tested clear for CAE & JD (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)

Born: 24.10.15
SIRE: Trinity Riverwood 50% (B GRADE)
DAM: Riverstone Glitter & Glam (PURE BRED)
Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
3YO Height: 55cm
TWIN: N/A Single
Grade: A GRADE

We couldn't believe our luck Shimmers first kid our first Australian bred Pygmy kid was a doe. The spots are a step back in time we lust love her unusual markings, combined with stunning conformation she is a keeper here at Riverstone. Boogie was awarded her Australian Title 3.4.19 after finishing her points in style with a Best In Show. 

2017 Christmas Show - CH JNR PYG DOE & BOB
2018 Red Hill Show - CH JNR AM DOE & BOB
2018 Horsham Show - CH SNR PYG DOE
2018 Royal Geelong Show - CH SNR AM DOE
2018 Albury Show - CH SNR AM DOE & BOB
2018 Christmas Show - CH SNR AM DOE & BOB
2019 Summer Spec S1 - CH SNR AM DOE 
2019 Summer Spec S2 - CH SNR AM DOE 
2019 Red Hill Show - CH SNR AM, BOB & BIS 
2019 Bendigo Show 1 - CH SNR AM Doe 
2019 Bendigo Show 2 - CH SNR AM Doe & BOB
2021 MGBA Red Hill Show - CH VET AM Doe
2021 Woodleigh School Show - CH VET AM Doe 


Name: Australian Champion Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach  - MARTHA
* Tested clear for CAE & JD (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)
Grade: A Grade
Born: 2.5.12
Sire: AUST CH Patona Park Echo (A Grade)
Dam: Patona Park Devine (B Grade)
Height: 56.5cm
Colour: Chocolate Dun
Eye Colour: Blue
Coat: Sheltie
Twin: Bouncing Hooves Shez My Girl

Martha is gorgeous in personality and stunning with her full sheltie coat, she's the only goat that I don't worry about staying warm over winter. It takes a bit of work keeping the coat tangle free but it is so worth it. At her first show (Geelong Royal 2014) she was awarded Res Champion Junior Doe from a large group of beautiful does. I'm so lucky to have her and would have a herd full of Shelties if I could get them! We will not be selling her next offspring :)


  • 2014 Royal Geelong Show - Reserve Champion Junior Doe
  • 2014 Christmas Extravaganza - Martha wins Best Presented and Champion Junior Doe
  • 2015 Berwick Show - Martha wins classic head and Champion Junior Doe
  • 2015 Red Hill Show - Martha wins BEST IN SHOW, best presented, 2nd in Classic Head, and Champion Junior Doe 
  • 2017 Geelong Royal - Martha wins BEST IN SHOW, best presented over 90 goats from all three breeds - 25 points
  • 2017 Christmas Show - Martha wins BEST IN SHOW - 25 points
  • 2018 Red Hill Show - CH Veteran Doe