Riverstone is a 10 acre property located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia.

We are a small hobby farm, with numerous animals including German Shorthaired Pointers, horses, sheep, chickens and Australian Miniature and Pygmy goats.

In 2006 we were lucky enough to purchase two Australian Miniature Goats as pets, and quickly fell in love. Over the years our numbers grew and we began showing and refining our stock. In 2015 we purchased our first Pygmy buck - Woody (50%) and are enjoying our Pygmy journey. 

All Riverstone Pygmy goats are DNA verified back to the original import material. 

We now run a full stud with 30+ does and have straws available for purchase.

A warning to all: BEWARE miniatures are infectious and quickly entrench themselves into your life. We are an example of this and wouldn't have it any other way!

At Riverstone we breed for health, (entire herd tested clear for CAE & JD for the past 9 years - 2015 - 2023), entire herd is tested clear from any Myotonic genetics, temperament and quality in conformation - proven in the show ring. Our results speak for themselves with Riverstone winning "Best in Show, Most successful exhibitor and Most successful breeder regularly.

We are proud to be the only stud in Australia that is home to 23 Australian Champions including 20 Riverstone homebred Champions and 3 Grand Champions:

Riverstone Boogie Man P62.5
Riverstone Mr Boombastic - Pure Bred
Riverstone Little Miss Sunshine P25

Riverstone Boogie Monster P62.5
Riverstone Little Miss Naughty P43.75*
Riverstone Boogie Man P62.5
Riverstone Silver Penny P25
Riverstone Harley Quinn - Pure Bred
Riverstone Little Miss Mischief P43.75*
Riverstone Twilight ND75
Riverstone Mr. Freeze - Pure Bred
Riverstone The Wolfman ND75
Riverstone The Riddler - Pure Bred
Riverstone Chai - Pure Bred
Riverstone Mr. Boombastic - Pure Bred
Riverstone Red Sky ND50
Riverstone Heart Throb ND50
Riverstone Antman P50
Riverstone Heart Breaker ND50
Riverstone Little Miss Sunshine P25
Riverstone Boogie Nights P25
Riverstone Queen of Hearts - Pure Bred
Riverstone Mr. Fantastic - Pure Bred
First Fleet Ned ND100
Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach - A Grade
Bouncing Hooves Jewel - Pure Bred

After training in QLD in 2016 and completing my cadetship under a number of respected dairy and Australian Miniature judges I was very proud to have qualified as a Level 2 MGBA judge in July of 2017. In October of 2018 I qualified as a Level 3 Judge. In September 2019 I have qualified as Level 4 Australian Panel Judge. I have had the pleasure of judging in Vic and travelling interstate to QLD, NSW and TAS to judge MGBA shows and look forward to many years of judging and meeting exhibitors.  

Grand Champion Riverstone Mr Boombastic BEST IN SHOW - 2022 SYDNEY ROYAL SHOW


2022 Sydney Royal - Riverstone Awards

Riverstone Chai

Riverstone Cherry Bomb