Trinity Riverwood - Woody

Trinity Riverwood - Woody

Name: Trinity Riverwood (AI) 50% DNA verified University of QLD.

* Tested clear for CAE & JD (2015, 2016 & 2017)

Origin: 50% Imported (USA) Pygmy Buck semen

Born: 1.11.14

SIRE: Miracle Valley Mike 100% (IMP USA)
DAM: Green 3

Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
TWIN: N/A Single

1 YO Height: 47cm
2 YO Height:53.5cm
3 YO Height: 57cm

Potential Grade: B Grade 

I have always been in love with the traditional pygmy goats that were until recently only available in the USA. Thanks to Paul Hamilton's blood sweat and tears they are now here. Woody is a little joint project for Riverstone and Barnwood Miniature Goats. He is a stunning in conformation and colour and has attitude to match. 2015 is a big year for him he debuts in the show ring and his first kids for Riverstone have hit the ground - exciting times watching them grow!

24.10.15 - Woody & Shimmer produced a 25% doe kid - Riverstone Boogie Nights (RETAINED)
9.11.15 - Woody & Indie produce a 25% buck kid - Riverstone Kill Bill (RETAINED)
10.11.15 - Woody & Kewpie produce twin 25% doelings - Riverstone Little Miss Sunshine (RETAINED) & Riverstone Miss Congeniality (SOLD TO PYGMY PARADISE)


  • 2015 Geelong Royal Show - Champion Kid Pygmy Buck & 1st in classic pygmy head.
  • 2015 Noorat Show - CH Junior Pygmy Buck 
  • 2015 Christmas Show - CH Junior Pygmy Buck 
  • 2016 Red Hill Show - Ch Junior Pygmy Buck 
  • 2016 Royal Geelong Show - Ch Jnr Pygmy Buck 
  • 2016 Stawell Show - CH Junior Pygmy Buck 
  • 2017 Albury Show - CH Adult Pygmy Buck
  • 2017 Noorat Show - CH Adult Pygmy Buck       
  • 2017 Christmas Show - CH Adult Pygmy Buck
  • 2018 Red Hill Show - CH Adult Pygmy Buck 

Name: Riverstone Ant Man (BUG) 50%

DNA Verified University of QLD 15.2.18
* Tested clear for CAE & JD via Dam (6.9.17)

Born: 9.9.17

SIRE: Kawinkidink Gus Gus 75%PYG
DAM: Riverstone Little Miss Sunshine 25% PYG

Eye Colour: Brown
TWIN: Riverstone Beetle Juice (DEC)

1 YO Height: 
2 YO Height:
3 YO Height:

Potential Grade: 

Wow Wow Wow so excited when this little man came into the world, the only thing that could have been better was if he was a doe. So looking forward to seeing how he grows out as he is definitely punching above his genotype in terms of the phenotype he is displaying. 


  • 2017 Christmas Show - CH KID PYG BUCK
  • 2018 Red Hill Show - CH KID PYGMY BUCK & BEST OF BREED