All our Riverstone doe's have been carefully selected to offer a number of different attributes to our breeding program. Whether it is conformation, height or colour or a combination of all three. Our girls all have the main attribute which is an amazing temperament.

In the best interest of our girls we do not mass produce kids. If we do breed it is only once a year to give them time to rest and recover from each kidding. All girls are special members of our family and given the best of care.

Name: Riverstone Queen of Diamonds
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2018, 2019 & 2020 

Born: 26.6.13
Final Grade: Pure Bred  
SIRE: Patona Park FirstNForemost (PURE BRED) 
DAM: Bouncing Hooves Caremel Kiss (A GRADE)
TWIN: AUST CH Riverstone Queen of Hearts - Kewpie 
Colour: Red 
Eye Colour: Brown 

Twin to our beautiful Kewipe, Diamond lived at Barnwood Miniature Goats until recently when they shut their doors and we couldn't resist the opportunity to have her back. Although an older girl now she is doing really well in the show ring and is getting close to her title. 

2018 Royal Geelong Show - CH Veteran Doe - 12 points
2018 Horsham Show - CH Veteran Doe - 7 points
2018 Albury Show - CH Veteran Doe - 6 points
2018 Christmas Show - CH Veteran Doe - 6 points
2019 Red Hill Show - CH Veteran Doe - 6 points

Name: Riverstone Black Diamond -  Sparkle
* Tested clear for CAE & JD (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)

Born: 12.11.14
Final Grade: Pure Bred
SIRE: Bouncing Hooves Busta Move (A GRADE)
DAM: Yattarna Tooklay (A GRADE)

Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
TWIN: NA Single

Sparkle has developed into a lovely Australian Miniature doe.

Chai 3mths old

Chai 3mths old

Chai - Best of Breed

Chai - Best of Breed