Barnwood Blue Eyed Girl - PURE BRED AUST MINI SOLD

Barnwood Blue Eyed Girl - PURE BRED AUST MINI SOLD

Riverstone Dark N Stormy (50%ND) DOE SOLD

Riverstone Dark N Stormy (50%ND) DOE SOLD

Riverstone Honey Ryder - 3YO Height Verified PURE BRED DOE SOLD

Riverstone Honey Ryder - 3YO Height Verified PURE BRED DOE SOLD

Riverstone Shaggy - A Grade SHELTIE Buck SOLD

Riverstone Shaggy - A Grade SHELTIE Buck SOLD


2020 Riverstone Miniature Goats
Stock for Sale

Please be aware when purchasing miniature Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats unless an animal comes with papers including DNA verification you cannot be sure you are getting what is advertised. There are many expensive non tested goats out there some associations allow registration of goats with out DNA verification. To protect yourself please ask to see paperwork before purchasing.

All our Miniature goats are registered with the MGBA - All Nigerian and Pygmy goats are DNA verified back through their pedigree to the original import DNA, and microchipped. We annually health test our entire herd for JD & CAE and all goats will come with a health certificate for the individual animal if old enough or the parents. If you are interested in purchasing any of the goats listed below please contact us using the inquiry form below with details of the goat your are interested in:


AUSTRALIAN MINIATURE - Barnwood Blue Eyed Girl $950.00 SOLD
*Tested negative for CAE & JD 2015-2019 

Registered Pure Bred AUSTRALIAN MINIATURE - Doe 

  • Born: 19.6.15     
  • Sire: Aust CH Coldridge Park Levi  (A Grade) 
  • Dam: Riverstone Trixie Bell (PURE BRED) - Height Verified 49.5cm

* This doe will bring to your stud lovely conformation and stunning colours including blue eyes. She has easily kidded twins at Riverstone twice in the past three years producing some stunning stock. Height verified to only 51.5cm she will be an asset to any Australian Miniature breeding program. She is dam raised so not overly friendly. 


AUSTRALIAN MINIATURE - Riverstone Red Star $1000.00  SOLD
*Tested negative for CAE & JD 2017-2019  

Registered Herdbook Pure Bred Grade Doe  

Born: 31.7.15     
Sire: AUST CH Riverstone Mr Fantastic (PURE BRED)
Dam: Bouncing Hooves Bam Bam (PURE BRED)  

* Star is our first Herdbook pure bred doe here at Riverstone the highest grading for an Australian Miniature. We are retaining her daughter - Stripe and in order to keep numbers down this makes Star available to another stud. She is bottle reared and very tame loves attention and will be first to the gate to greet you. 

    AUSTRALIAN MINIATURE - Kazoo Excel & Kazoo EXCITE $1900.00 SOLD

    *Tested negative for CAE & JD 2018-2019   

    Registered Herdbook Pure Bred and A Grade Does   

    Born: 31.7.14       
    Sire: Patona Park Hotshot (PURE BRED) 
    Dam: Bouncing Hooves Limited Edition (PURE BRED)   

    * A wonderful opportunity to get started in Shelties as does of this quality are not easy to come by. The Kazoo twin does have just set us up with a lovey foundation to continue our Sheltie journey with. As a pair they will be an asset to any serious stud. Will consider selling seperatly. 


    NIGERIAN DWARF 75%- Riverstone Spell Bound  $1500.00   SOLD                           
    Tested negative for CAE & JD Dam  
    Born: 31.10.19       
    Sex: DOE 
    Sire: First Fleet Cas 100% ND - DNA Verified
    Dam: Riverstone Red Sky 50% ND - DNA Verified  


    A stunning Polled, blue eyed DNA verified 75% 6 M Nigerian Doe. Nigerians are only a very small part of what we do here at Riverstone and for that reason we are keeping our ND number low. Magic was bottle reared so she is a very friendly little doe.  She is a very nicely put together doe but is only pet quality this is reflected in her low price for a 75% DNA verified ND.

    • Born: 15.7.15
    • Sex: BUCK     
    • Sire: AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Cold Ridge Park Levi 
    • Dam: AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach                                                                                                                                                  
    • It will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to my friend Shaggy. He is the most sweet and gentle buck. He has never let us down with a mating and is a gentleman in the paddock. Produced by two Australian Champions this boy is an asset to any serious stud. He was bottle reared so is easy to catch and handle. As I am expanding my Sheltie line he is too closely related to all in it so this becomes the perfect opportunity for a stud interested in Shelties to begin or continue their journey. He will only be sold to the best of homes. 

    Sorry we only have what is listed above currently available at Riverstone and will not be breeding again until around May 2021.

     Please note: We do not like to disappoint people but we do not breed large numbers of goats. We are a small scale hobby farm and only breed for ourselves with the occasional kid/adult becoming available. 

    If you would like to fill out the enquiry form below, we will try our best to match the most recent enquiries at the time. Due to the large number of forms we get -
     We will not contact you unless we have a goat to match what you are looking for.

    We advise you to keep checking our website and our facebook page (Riverstone Miniature Goats) for sales announcements,

    thanks Seleena & Stewart

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