Riverstone Silver Creek - Australian Miniature BUCK - 3YO Height Verified SOLD

Riverstone Morten POLLED - Australian Miniature Buck

Riverstone Duke - Australian Miniature Wether SOLD

Riverstone Goose Bumps P50 - Pygmy Buck

AUST CH Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach - Retired AM Doe

Riverstone Marmaduke P60.94* - Pygmy Buck SOLD

 Riverstone Miniature Goats

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 All our Miniature goats are registered with the MGBA - All Pygmy goats are DNA verified back through their pedigree to the original import DNA, and microchipped. Our entire herd is verified Myotonia clear - Massey NZ. We annually health test our entire herd for JD & CAE and all goats will come with a copy of health testing (Main Ridge Vet), DNA verification (if Pygmy) and care notes. If you are interested in purchasing any of the goats listed below please contact us using the inquiry form below with details of the goat your are interested in. 

NOTE: Please be aware when purchasing Pygmy goats unless an animal comes with registration papers including DNA verification you cannot be sure you are getting what is advertised. There are many very expensive non DNA tested goats available. Always protect yourself by asking to see paperwork before purchasing.



Name: Aust Ch Silver Penny & Aust Ch Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach 
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2023 & Myotonia Clear NN
Born: 14.10.16 & 2.5.12
Sex: Doe (RETIRED)     
SIRE: Trinty Riverwood P50 & AUST CH Patona Park Echo 
DAM: Riverstone Money Penny & Patona Park Devine
Gorgeous opportunity to own Two Australian Champion Australian Miniature Does that are looking for the perfect retirement home. They are NOT to be bred, they are retired and ready to be spoilt one on one. These girls are the best of friends and love to spend the day together, sadly in their older age they are getting bullied by our stronger does. They would make stunning paddock ornaments, and loving pets, they love attention, especially if you have treats with you. 

Name: Riverstone Morten (POLLED)
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2023 & Myotonia Clear NN
Born: 24.8.20
Sex: Buck      
DAM: AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Riverstone Heart Breaker
Morten is a stunning buck from exceptional lines. He stands at only 54cm, is stocky with lovely conformation. He excelled in the show ring currently sitting on 78 Championship points. Bottle reared and lovely to handle he would be an asset to any breeding program, especially as he is POLLED. 

Name: Riverstone Gossip Girl  SOLD 
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2023 & Myotonia Clear NN
Born: 27.4.20
Sex: Doe      
SIRE: Bundaller Silver Serenity
DAM: Kazoo Excite
Gorgeous opportunity to purchase a sheltie girl with a lovely thick coat. Under 50cm in height and kids easily with twins like her dam. 

Name: Riverstone Silver Creek   (SHELTIE BUCK) SOLD
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2023 & Myotonia Clear NN
Born: 25.8.20
Sex: Buck      
SIRE: Bundaller Silver Serenity
DAM: AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Bouncing Hooves Echo Beach
Blue Eyed 3YO height verified Australian Miniature Buck is an opportunity that is not common. Add in he's a sliver sheltie and proven in the show ring as he is already almost ½ way to his Australian Champion title. Silver is a very sweet boy very gentle and easy to handle. He is a proven sire, DNA verified and Myotonia tested clear. This is a rare opportunity he is only available as he is too closely related to our sheltie does.  

Name: Riverstone Duke & Norville (AI) (WEANED BOTTLE WETHERS) SOLD
* Sire/Dam Tested clear for CAE & JD 2015-2023    
Born: 18.9.23 & 20.9.23
SIRE: Australian Grand Champion Riverstone Mr Boombastic & Riverstone Shaggy (AI)
DAM: Australian Champion Riverstone Harley Quinn & Riverstone Gossip Girl
All the hard work has been done the boys are just off the bottle and ready to go. Outstanding bloodlines either of these boys would make wonderful show wethers. They are super sweet and friendly would make a wonderful addition to any home wanting to begin in the world of miniature goats. 



Name: Riverstone Marmaduke P60.94* SOLD
* Sire/Dam Tested clear for CAE & JD 2023    
Born: 24.10.23
SIRE: Australian Grand Champion Riverstone Boogie Man P62.5
DAM: Riverstone Naughtiest Girl In School P59.38*
Marmaduke is a stunning bottle reared caramel buckling from lovely Proverbial Pygmies lines. A wonderful foundation buck for studs wanting to introduce Caramel into their breeding. Will only be Sold to a serious breeding and showing stud. 

Name: Riverstone Goose Bumps P50
DNA Verified Massey     
* Tested clear for CAE & JD 2020-22     
Born: 31.10.19      
SIRE: NPGA CH Proverbial Pygmies Bad CO Inc. 100%    
DAM: Riverstone Blue Eyed Girl Pure Bred AM  
Lower percentage Pygmy but he has so much to offer so kept and used for his blue eyes and amazing colours. Goose is a well put together buck standing 48cm and already on the way to his CH title. He is out of GR CH Riverstone Mr. Boombastic's dam which is a lovely combination with the IMP CH Bad CO line. This buck is for anyone wanting colour and conformation in their breeding. More information and photos on his Pygmy page on this site. 

Name: Riverstone Mighty Max & Ozzie P62.5 (WETHER PAIR) SOLD
* Sire/Dam Tested clear for CAE & JD 2015-2023    
Born: 8.11.23 & 28.9.23
SIRE: Australian Grand Champion Riverstone Boogie Man P62.5
DAM: Riverstone Little Audrey & Riverstone Rinky Dink P62.5
Max is from our Grand CH Pygmy buck Boogie Man - check out his page. He is chunky and small and very bossy as is typical for pygmy kids - especially boys.

Please note: We do not breed large numbers of goats. We are a small hobby farm and only breed for ourselves with the occasional kid/adult becoming available. 

We only have what is listed above available at Riverstone and will not be breeding again until SPRING 2024.

If you would like to fill out the enquiry form below, we will try our best to match the most recent enquiries at the time. Due to the large number of forms we get - We will not contact you unless we have a goat to match what you are looking for.

We advise you to keep checking our Website and our Facebook page (Riverstone Miniature Goats) for sales announcements as we do not keep waiting lists, 

thanks Seleena & Stewart

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